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This building was originally constructed as a single family Gothic Style farmhouse from the Early "Victorian" Era.
The construction date of the main home is unknown but most likely predates the civil war.
Around 1900-1910 the home received major construction.
A brick structure in the Italianate style was added onto the back of the existing wood farmhouse.
At this time it is obvious that the home was converted into either a boarding house or individual apartments.

Today, there are (8) One Bedroom Apartments in the building. Like many older homes in downtown neighborhoods, it had deteriorated over time. The original two story front porch was removed. At some point well after the brick addition was completed, the original front wood structure was covered with metal lath and a concrete mortar stucco facade.

Beginning in 1997, an excruciating restoration of the building was conducted which was completed in the spring of 1999. A beautiful front porch was installed and various missing detailwork was hand-crafted to restore the original beauty and charm of this Gothic farmhouse Style from the Early "Victorian" Era. In 2020 exterior restoration was done on the rear of the building which was red brick that had been painted. Over the years the paint had pealed. The West side of the brick was powerwashed to reveal a very nice exterior. In addition, a new brick paver walk path was installed on the East side of the building.

632 Ferry (before)
632 Ferry (after restoration)

Graduate students from Purdue University and downtown employees enjoy living in this quiet, convenient building located just one block from Main Street where coffeeshops, restaurants, a Farmer's Market and various art galleries and studios make up the historic Arts & Market district.