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222 South 9th Street


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This historic Queen Anne was built between 1870 and 1895. Through the years it has had some major changes. During the summer of 1999, an extensive exterior restoration to this building was conducted. The aluminum siding, that was most likely installed in the early 60's, was removed. Detailwork that had been removed was recrafted and reinstalled and attractive "Victorian Era" porches and entry roofs were added. The detail trim in the panels was replaced with identical trim as what was the original trimwork. The summer of 1999 shined on this beautiful Painted Lady as she was brought back to her original glory.

There is a large parking lot for private, off street parking for the tenants of the building.
Each apartment is unique, thus one reason why on site viewing is required to rent one of these apartments.

The building is half way up Historic Ninth Street Hill.
An active neighborhood association exists which has helped maintain the historic integrity of this beautiful neighborhood.