Raymer Historic Apartments
Lafayette, Indiana

Historic Downtown Lafayette
    Apartment Descriptions

616 Ferry Street
632 Ferry Street
616 Ferry Street
632 Ferry Street

222 South 9th Street
401 North 9th Street
222 S. 9th Street
401 N. 9th Street

917 North 9th Street
1115 Brown Street
917 N. 9th Street
1115-1117 Brown Street

1304 S. 4th Street
1304 S. 4th Street
1417 Columbia Street
1430 Grove Street
1430 Grove Street

Our properties are reasonably priced Two Bedroom,
One Bedroom and Efficiency Apartments within restored
Historic homes and buildings from the "Victorian" Architectural Era.
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Contact Information:
David and Lynda Raymer

Call 765-447-6248


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